The Carter Documentary.

I mean, aren’t white punks always complaining about “blue hair” discrimination, as if a jar of Manic Panic magically re-positioned their own social status on some level of “equally” marginal footing with people of color? And where does that leave the rest of us who cannot wash our colors away?

mimi thi nguyen - saying fuck you to the sexualized orientalist gaze (via schizometrics)

White people who are into body mod constantly pull this shit. People staring at your piercings and tattoos is not the same as dealing with institutionalized oppression, you soggy waffles. 

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I’ve been laughing at the #DuragHistoryWeek tag on twitter

Oh the OXFORD dictionary disagrees with me about the definition of racism?? Wouldn’t you know, the dictionary created by white men benefits the narrative of white innocence and black guilt.


funny how that works.

#bye #tryagain #anyfurtherquestions?



*unfollows anyone that reblogs this*

and you know what’s the funniest part about this? the spine of 2010-2012 tumblr humor were racist jokes and “go make me a sandwich” jokes so don’t feed me that koombaya bullshit y’all think we were on.



lol so do you think we’ll ever get explicit discussion from mindy about her experiences being indian/not skinny/the daughter of immigrant parents/dark-skinned? you know, instead of just vague mentions and throwaway lines and jokes?


The NFL has apologized for penalizing Muslim player for praying 

Another week done, another PR disaster for the NFL.
This one came in the middle of Monday Night Football, after Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah returned an interception for a touchdown. Abdullah is a practicing Muslim — he even skipped an entire football season to make a pilgrimage to Mecca — and prostrated himself in the end zone in prayer. The result? A 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration.
The apologized for this one quickly